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What should I do before my appointment?

It is much respected if you arrive to your facial appointment with no makeup on, and have discontinued the use of any retinol product for at least 5 days. If you are currently on Accutane, contact Nikole directly prior to booking a facial and/or a sugaring appointment.

How do I prep my skin before my facial?

Avoid use of any harsh scrubs, retinol, or active ingredients 5 days prior to your facial. Wear spf everyday. There is no need to do your skincare routine the day of your service (just throw on a quick layer of sPF)!

What is the downtime after a facial?

My services are non-invasive which requires no downtime.

Here is a list of what i advise my clients to do 5-7 days post facial:
– Avoid hot water on the face
– Avoid the use of saunas for 24-48 hours
– avoid sweating for 24 hours
– no picking or touching the face
– clean makeup brushes/ sponge, pillow cases and cell phone
– no makeup wear if possible for 24 hours

Can I do my normal skincare routine after my facial?

I recommend using only hydrating and repairing products 5-7 days after your facial! Avoid scrubs, retinol, any exfoliating ingredients for 5-7 days. Make sure you invest and use a good spf. also, ask me for product recommendations to take home if needed!

How do I know what facial to pick for my first time?

I always recommend my signature facial! it is a great service for us to get to know each other and for us to really get to know your skin. from here, i can give you product recommendations to include in your home care and talk about further treatments. basically, do not choose a chemical peel for your first service with me, as those require me to assess your skin beforehand. All of my other facials are amazing and you cannot go wrong with any service!

What if I break out after my facial?

A facial is detoxing your skin and ‘turning it on’ which is healthy for it! breakouts are rare, and there is no reason to stress! If you happen to get a breakout, it should calm down in a day or two.

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