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We believe in the power of regular skincare and self-care routines. That’s why we’ve created an exclusive membership program tailored to meet your unique needs.
Let’s make it official. Become a member and unlock exclusive discounts and perks. Save money and, most importantly, achieve your aesthetic goals long term. Choose the perfect plan for your needs. Not sure? We’ll work with you to make a selection.
Let us help you achieve healthy skin.

Why Is Monthly Skincare So Important?


Monthly skincare treatments stimulate the blood flow to aid in getting oxygen and other nutrients to the skin and its underlying tissue. They also assist in the removal of waste products. Monthly treatments are crucial to the improvement of dull, lifeless, and congested skin by maintaining the tone of underlying skin tissue, essentially slowing down the skin’s aging process. Professional-grade treatments help maintain the skin’s natural elasticity by refining the texture of skin. Facials also contribute to cellular regeneration which helps our skin prevent premature aging. Finally, professional-grade treatments also aid in the natural protection of one’s top layer of skin.

How Does It Work?


Simple – Every month a certain dollar (depending on what tier you choose to do) will be credited into your account at Glow Spa which you can use on absolutely any service or product. You can book an appointment anytime and your discounts will be automatically applied when you check out after your service.

How To Sign Up?


You can sign up for our membership programs over the phone by calling us. You can also press any of the available memberships above this section, each one has it price and you will get redirected to our membership portal.


We know life gets busy, and with that in mind, you may freeze your account for up to 2 months, once per calendar year.

Unlimited Rollover Credits

Credits do not expire as long as you’re an active member! However, please keep in mind that if a membership is canceled, you would then have 30 days to use any unused credits.

Minimum join period

Membership begins with a six month commitment to experience the benefits. After that, membership is month-to-month and can be ended at any time with 30 days notice.

How long does the cancellation process take?

All membership inquiries will be addressed within 24-48 business hours. If applicable, memberships can be canceled within this time frame, and the cancellation will be complete 30 days from the initial email.