What is Ice Sculpting?


Ice sculpting therapy is a 100% natural process involving thermogenesis. It is a fat-burning process that breaks down fat cells, allowing our body to relocate, remove some of the fat cells through the lymphatic system, or use them as an energy source, while contouring the body and tightening the skin.

The thermogenesis process occurs when skin receptors stimulate the nervous system when exposed to cold. Restoring the body to normal temperature by accelerating a rapid metabolism will generate heat and burn fat faster.

Ice Body sculpting lotions should be applied repetitively and effectively. This will result in inch loss, cellulite reduction, and toning of the skin.

Benefits of Ice Sculpting

  • Detox your body
  • Helps restore skin elasticity
  • Reduce cellulite
  • No surgery
  • Firming and enhancing skin tissue
  • Activates lymphatic system
  • Sculpts your body
  • 100% natural treatment
  • Breaks down stubborn adipose tissue

How many treatments do I need?


It all depends on how much you want to lose. Intensive treatments of 3 applications per week, cutting 1-2 sizes on the average depending on your body. You can also do the treatment once a week or one a month. It’s how fast you want results. We recommend 6-12 treatments as consistent as possible and combining it with Body Contouring.

Before your session care

  • Start drinking water.
  • Do not eat for at least 2 hours before your treatment.
  • ​Make sure to ask a physician if this treatment is a compatable with any medical conditions you might have.

After your session care


After treatment your body has a targeted inflammatory response to the cold. This causes fat cells to rupture and naturally be removed through your lymphatic system. This natural and non-invasive biological reaction results in a reduction of the density and thickness of fat layers. Combined with a healthy lifestyle you can experience a permanent change in your body shape.

Over the next 48 hours your body returns to a better state or condition, with reduced pain, inflammation, and increased energy levels. recovery times from workouts and injury are also improved.

To boost your metabolism and to receive the benefits of ice sculp make sure to.

  • ​Drink lots of water- to flush out toxins
  • Cold showers – improve the activation of thermogenesis.
  • Eat lighter – healthier lifestyle will allow for better less inflammation in your cells and for more permanent results.
  • Continue a regular and consistent Ice Sculpt treatment for faster and longer lasting results.